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“SOVEREIGN”-Week-4: Joseph

Where is God when pain arrives? Does He care? If God loves me, why does He allow pain to riddle my life? In this fourth and final message of the series, “SOVEREIGN,” Pastor Jamie answers those questions as he discusses the life of Joseph, who was thrown in a pit by his brothers, sold to […]


“I’m not good enough. God could never use me for something good. Why would God every even consider loving me? I’ve done too much and have gone too far. God is just not an option for someone like me.” If you’ve ever said these things, then you need to listen to this message. God can use […]

“SOVEREIGN”-Week-2: Jonah

Do the storms of life urge you to question God’s goodness and sovereignty? It’s in life’s most difficult circumstances that we can either draw closer to Him or do an about-face and run from Him. In week-2 of this series, Pastor Jamie discusses the story of a man named Jonah who was chosen by God […]

“SOVEREIGN”-Week-1: The Birth of Jesus

Is God really in control? In other words, is God “sovereign”? If He is, then what does that mean for me and for my faith? What does that mean for my relationship with Him? In this series, Pastor Jamie Worley will discuss four biblical stories that bring God’s sovereignty into full-focus. In this first week, […]

“The Missing Peace”

 In the second week of Advent we celebrate the peace that Christ brought and continues to bring to this day. But are you experiencing the peace “that surpasses all understanding” or a temporary imitation? In this message, Pastor Jamie Worley talks about how we can find and experience the perfect peace of God on a […]

Series: James (Part-5)

In the final week of our series on the book of James, Pastor Jerry dives into a message of prayer, worship, and church life. We also were privileged to have our former worship leader, Deby Ellis, back on-stage to lead us.

“Supernatural Sunday 2017”

What are angels? What are demons? Who are they and where did they come from? What do they do and what does it have to do with me? In this special annual event, Pastor Jamie discusses the biblical answers to these questions and more. #supernatural  

Mother’s Day 2017-Sunday, May 14th

On this Mother’s Day, we had a very special panel of mothers who shared their answers to Pastor Jerry’s questions. Lori Virnig, Missy Clary, Jo Worley, and Stephanie Wallis share their experiences to encourage all the mothers out there. You don’t want to miss this!