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“S T A L E”

Brad Gates talks about one of the most frequent problems all Christians face at one point or another…a “STALE” walk with Christ. So often “life” happens quickly and your relationship with Christ takes a backseat. In this message, Brad points out God’s roadmap to getting back on track, leaving stale behind once and for all.

10-COMMANDMENTS: The Sabbath

What is “the Sabbath”? Is it for today or is it for an ancient people? What does the Bible say about the Sabbath? In the fourth week of the series, “10-Commandments: Set Free to Live Free”, Pastor Jamie Worley discusses these very questions and brings a simple understanding to what it means to take a Sabbath and, more importantly, why taking a Sabbath is vital for spiritual growth.

10-COMMANDMENTS: An Introduction

Why does God give us commands and rules? Rules so many times appear to restrict our freedoms. So isn’t that what God is purposing to do? Or is there something more to this than meets the eye? Associate Pastor, Matt Schroeder launches this series by discussing God’s purposes for the ten commandments. God wants to do one thing: set you free so that you can live free.

“Submission in Marriage”

Is the Bible sexist? What does the Bible say about women submitting to men? And how are we supposed to respond to God’s Word when it comes to this much debated, difficult subject. In this message, Student Pastor Jason Kuhns address this challenging subject.


We know anger when we see it. The bulging vein in the temple, the bloodshot eyes of an angry spouse, the middle finger of the person cutting you off in traffic. But that’s just the expression of anger. What’s going on inside? Where does anger come from? Does God care if we’re angry? Or does He condone it? In week-1 of the series, “GARBAGE”, Pastor Jamie discusses what the Bible says about anger and how we can live in the freedom and peace God intended for us to live, free from the prison of unrighteous anger.