1335 S.E. 282nd Ave.
Gresham, OR 97080


If you are one of today’s relevant seniors you’ll find your place in Powell Valley Covenant Church where maturity matters. What has Jesus been preparing you for during your unique life journey? We recognize and foster the spiritual aspirations and practical gifts that make up YOU. Our Silver Saints (or even if you aren’t very silver or feel super saintly!) is an easy-entrance fellowship with invaluable relational ties among us which makes possible what we would like to be and do beyond what we can accomplish alone. We’re not complete without you. Welcome aboard!

This is a preview of coming attractions:

June 18– As a kick-off to our 125th Anniversary Celebration:

A “FAMILY FOOD BUFFET” — Thursday, June 18th, at 11:30 at Powell Valley Church Rellowship Hall
Seniors from neighboring churches are invited to join with us and bring a dish of “Heritage”,
something yummy that has been handed down in our families! Or just come and enjoy what
everyone else cooks up! As if food isn’t enough, there will be fun from the past, time-honored words for our hearts, and a great opportunity to meet our neighbors. (A prize awaits everyone who dresses up vintage style.)

July 16– BBQ at SUNSET PARK — Thursday, July 16, at 11:30

Meet us at the PVCC church at 11:00 or Join us for an interesting selection of BBQ entries–because you can bring the meat and preparation of your choice for the grill! What will you come up with? Accompany it with a picnic dish that you like, because surely everyone else will also! Horseshoes anyone?

August 13– PICNIC AT METZER PARK — Thursday, 11:00 Gathering at PVCC

We’ll take off at 11:00, sharing rides, to go to “Leroy’s Park” (Leroy Gibson, a great Silver Saint-er, who helps preside over the park during the summer). Bring along your picnic grub. Fried chicken will be provided. Let’s have one of those old-fashioned picnics we all remember from kid-hood! (If we are nice, maybe Leroy will show us around.)

September 18– TRIP to the Rose Garden — Thursday, 10:00 Meet and Ride-Share at PVCC

We’re off to enjoy a garden tour! We’ll follow it up with lunch at a nearby restaurant. If you have never done this trip, now is the time! If you regularly do so, come be one of our guides! (Not all of us belong to the Garden Club.)

More activities to come, some of which may be suggestions from your wish list!